Growing Up

As we grow we change. We gain perspective and lose perspective. When we were children, we had ideas about what we wanted to be when we grew up. What we become when we grow up is nothing like what we thought when we were children.  We thought about being things like pilots or doctors or movie stars. We imagined doing fun and exciting things and being admired like the people we admired. How could we possibly have imagined office politics?

When we imagined falling in love and maybe getting married, we imagined having somebody to bring flowers to or to bring us flowers, somebody to hold hands with on the beach, somebody to snuggle. We imagined finding a person who would love us just as we were. In marriage vows, people promise to love each other for better or worse, but what we have always imagined was loving each other better and better. How could we imagine falling out of love?

As children, we imagine worlds of delightful possibilities. When we grow up, we learn to see the world differently. We have to be careful not to forget what we knew when we were children. We were right when we were children. The delightful possibilities are still there. They are mixed in with falling out of love and office politics.

Growing up means not only imagining who we will become, but noticing who we are. It is also a process of accepting who we are and being who we are. When we become comfortable being who we are, the dreams we had for ourselves as children fade away and we can see the world’s delightful possibilities even more clearly.


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