Healing the Past

If something hurt you ten years ago or ten minutes ago, you have now suffered long enough from that pain. That past suffering was inevitable. You have lived through it and learned from it. It has shaped who you are, but it is no longer essential to who you are becoming. Now is the time to let that hurt heal.

The way to let that hurt heal is not to forget it and move on. That is impossible. We remember everything. The way to let it heal is to immerse yourself in the present, where that particular pain is a memory. You can breathe in a deep healing breath and feel the longstanding, familiar pain for a farewell visit. Then breathe out again. If you are still there, then you have survived. You can try it again if necessary.

Who you are does not rely on the pain of the past. You can live without it, especially if it is difficult to live with it. Who you are in the present is somebody who has survived and now has a completely different set of circumstances in your life. As you continue into the future, you can meet past and present pain with the same resolve and heal it upon first contact. That can save you a lot of carrying. Although you have proven that you are strong enough to carry all that pain, you don’t need to anymore. You can now use those emotional muscles to carry peace. You deserve peace.


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