Helping Others

The best way to help others is to forget about yourself.  When you strive for enlightenment, the promise you make is to deliver all sentient beings from suffering. Then you begin your focused practice trying to become enlightened so that you are better able to help others. As you practice helping others you benefit immensely. As you try to bring peace to others, you feel peace.  As you practice generosity and give to others, you feel wonderful. When you practice loving others, you feel joyful.

In order to help others, you have to help yourself.  You can’t help it.  Helping others helps you.  If you are concerned about yourself though, you will have difficulty helping others. If you give to be thanked, you will not find satisfaction. If you love in order to be loved in return, you will often be frustrated.  If you try to bring peace to others in order to pacify your own mind, that is still a good idea.

It is sometimes necessary to help yourself in order to help others. If you plan to help yourself now, so that you can better help others later, then you should practice compassion. If the only person you can feel compassionate for now is you, then practice that. When you are able to, widen your circle and practice feeling compassion for others. When you forget about yourself, you will be a great help to others. You will also feel peaceful, wonderful and joyful.


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