Holding Happiness

If you suffer from depression, but suddenly find yourself happy because of a new relationship or a new experience, try to stay with your happiness. Welcome yourself back to life.

We tend to grasp onto things that bring us pleasure and avoid things that bring us pain. When we suddenly feel happy, our inclination is to grab onto that happiness with all our hearts. Part of that grabbing is enjoying the feeling. Part of that grabbing comes from a fear of returning to a previous state of depression. The grasping is like grabbing onto a bar of soap.  If you let it rest in your hand, handling it gently, you have no problem holding the soap. If you squeeze tight it will fly out out your hand.  Hold your happiness gently and cleanse yourself with it while you hold it.  When you are clean, you put it down. It will be there when you need it again.

If your happiness feels like it is caused by another person, then you may fear that the other person has the power to take it away. That other person has already delivered all that you need. They have shown you the happiness within you.  If things don’t work out just the way you want them to, you will be fine because you learned how to hold soap. You can clean yourself any time you need.


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