After nearly two years of preparation, we arrived at the farm. The farm is located on the banks of the Delaware river in New Jersey. We arrived in the middle of a heatwave with temperatures flirting with 100 degrees. The U-Haul, which made the 500 mile trip from Mississauga with little incident slowly started it’s way in the dirt lane to the farm. The first hole it hit gave the load a little shake and I had to slow the pace even more to crawl the last half mile.

Then about half way in the lane was blocked by a large transporter trailer. My sister had made arrangements for a friend of a friend to loan us a bulldozer to help clear some land. The bulldozer had made its way to the field while the trailer remained in the lane, so we walked the last few yards. My brother and sister were there to greet us, preparing to help unload the truck. My brother had the bonus experience of getting a tutorial on operating a bulldozer.

With the heavy machinery and tutorials delivered, the trailer was moved and the U-Haul made it to the house. The assembled crew of brother, sister, nieces and nephews and old friends from California, who were on their way to the airport, braved the sweltering heat and offloaded our belongings.

We filled the home, which was already filled with my ancestor’s stuff, with our stuff. Then I got to learn how to drive a bulldozer. It was a fine homecoming.


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