I Think Therefore I Am…Miserable

Rene Descartes gave a little to much credit to thinking.  He gave to much credit to himself as the thinker.  Who knows what it is that actually thinks.  Thoughts keep coming even when we want to stop them. We don’t think, so much as observe thinking.  As we can move our attention, we get the impression that we can control our thinking. Our thinking builds our moods, by telling us stories.  If we are feeling miserable, it is because our thinking has turned on us.

Although you may not think, and you may not be what you think you are, you are affected by thinking.  Living in the present moment, and observing the thoughts that occur to you in that moment, will give you a vantage point follow your thoughts.  If you grab your thoughts as they pass by, you will get sucked into the emotions they create.  If you watch them come and go, thinking will not take you for such a wild ride.  When thinking stops, you will still be, but you will not be miserable. 


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