Inner Net

The internet is our mind.

We tend to think of our minds as being in our heads, but that is only the tip of the corn cob.  Our minds are constantly interacting with our environments. Knowledge that we can pull from our memory banks is no better than what we can get from Google. If we feel that our minds our separate from the world at large, we become envious of other people’s knowledge or talents. We are afraid to learn because we would rather just know.  When we see the world as an expression of our mind we can explore it with wonder and celebrate it without diminished or inflated self esteem.

Just as we suspect that our regular reality is not the ultimate reality, we know that this internet reality is not even regular reality. This is an imagined space. It is real, yet not real.  The personalities that we project here are different from our personalities.  We can project our ideal selves into this space and in so doing, imagine ourselves into a delightful existence.

These interconnected computers are a beautiful demonstration of our natural, wireless interconnections. This net is made for us, by us and of us. Why would we think that we are just our bodies, and our minds are only in our heads?


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