There are so many reasons to feel insecure. Insecurities are a part of life. There are so many reasons to feel secure.  Security is a part of life. Security and insecurity are both states of mind, neither is solid.  You can build the most secure life for yourself that you can imagine and one unexpected event could bring it all crashing down.  You can feel so insecure that everything seems impossible and yet you carry on, continuing to experience the beauty of life. In order to find a more stable sense of security, you need to learn to be comfortable with your insecurities.

Being secure with your insecurities is paradoxical, typical Zen. The way to become secure with your insecurity is to recognize the thoughts that lead to your feelings of insecurity. As you compare your current thoughts to past thoughts, you will see that, despite your entire history of feeling insecure, you have survived and you have grown. This perspective helps you see that your insecurity is a pattern of thinking, not impending doom.

Feelings of insecurity are a part of life.  It is important to pay attention to those feelings, but not to be carried away by them.  There is no amount of security you can build for yourself that will make you impervious to insecurity. If you notice your thoughts of insecurity as they occur, you will be able to release them quickly and a feeling of security will prevail.  The closest thing there is to actual security is an attitude that you can manage through any circumstance. This attitude coexists with insecurities, it does not replace them.

Falling only hurts when you hit the ground. With no ground, falling is flying. When you recognize your feelings of insecurity as just thoughts, you remove (or soften) the ground. With no ground, you can be secure with your insecurities.


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