Feeling vulnerable to the whims of the world can wear you down. If you are tired of being beaten down day after day, you should think about becoming invincible.  If you are invincible, you can handle anything. When something goes wrong, even terribly wrong, if you are not invincible, that problem could set you back for months. It may be so bad you may think you will never recover. You wouldn’t have that reaction if you were invincible.  When you’re invincible, you move on.

To become invincible you have to forget about good and bad. You can forget about good and bad without losing sight of right and wrong. Those feelings that you have that you want to get rid of, you have to accept. Those feelings that you want that you’re not getting, you have to forget. You will become invincible when you face each of your feelings as it comes to you. When you realize you are invincible, you won’t run from some feelings toward others. You will accept challenges and try new things, because the sting of failure will be gone. Success may not be so exciting because it will be common.

You can become invincible at any time. If you feel like something is breaking you, you just experience that breaking and prepare to exit another shell. You will still be there, invincible as ever.


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