Just One Thing

With everything being interconnected, we are all essentially just one thing. Each of us has a unique perspective on how that one thing is doing its thing. That unique perspective is what we consider to be our self. The feeling that this self is separate from everything, something apart, is a cause of suffering. When we see ourself as being separate from everything, we start to compete with everything. We might feel jealous of a flower’s beauty. When we see ourself as being connected with everything, we know that a flower’s beauty is our beauty.

When we understand that we are all one thing, then others’ beauty is our beauty and others’ suffering is our suffering. Our beauty is others’ beauty and our suffering is others’ suffering. This understanding leads to great compassion, which eases all suffering.

When it feels hard to be your little self, separate from everything, remember that separateness is just an idea. Appreciate the beauty of a flower and remember your big self. That deep peace found in deep space is in you, empty, and full of compassion.


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