Just Passing Time

When life feels difficult, just passing time is an achievement. When life feels easy, time just passes and achievements happen along the way. Time is the same.

Time passes. We pass time. We take our time. We spend time. We share our time. We run out of time. We need more time. We don’t have enough time. We have too much time. We make our time count. We waste time. We want something to show for our time. We have good times and bad times.

That we can try to possess time, shows how we will grasp onto anything. Time is only a reflection of us.  Time flies or drags depending on our moods. It moves according to our awareness. If we feel oppressed by time, we are oppressed by our feelings. Time is a great mirror of awareness. We project our impressions onto time, but time is nothing.  You can’t feel time, you can’t see time, you can’t smell time, but it seems to leave a trail.

When we find ourselves willing time to speed up or slow down, we are noticing our suffering. We are wishing for things to be just a bit (or a lot) other than they are. That is us, just passing time.


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