Leave It To Ego

I met a lovely soul today.

Leave it to ego to get in my way.

My eyes met hers across the aisle.

My ego allowed my mouth to smile.

It wasn’t a smile of charm and grace,

More like a bee had stung my face.

She kindly, mercifully smiled back,

Which induced, in me, a panic attack.

My breath stuck in tightened chest,

My heart pounding through my breast,

I cleared my throat as if to talk,

And ego spit out a grotesque squawk,

A sound not fit for man nor beast,

But I didn’t spew my lunch at least.

And then, the miracle occurred.

The sweetest sound I ever heard.

This compassionate person, sensing my pain

Opened her throat and, with no restrain,

Let out a horrible squawk of her own,

Which calmed my spirit, flesh and bone.

I smiled again. This time with ease.

Leave it to me, ego, if you please.


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