Liberation of Liberation

The idea that we could be liberated is a liberating idea. The concept that we are already liberated is also liberating. Thinking about liberation, may on the other hand make us feel trapped. In that case, may need to be liberated from the idea of liberation. Whether or not we are liberated by these thoughts depends on what we think of ourselves and of liberation. Liberation, here, now, is freedom from suffering.

If we believe that liberation is possible, that gives us hope. Hope eases our suffering and we are instantly liberated. In that way, the idea that we could be liberated liberates us. In a less immediate sense, the idea that it is possible not to suffer can give us the courage we need to engage with our suffering and find a way through it.

That we may already be liberated is difficult to comprehend when we are suffering. That idea challenges what it is in us that suffers. If we are suffering, but liberated, it’s like watching a sad movie. We feel for the characters in the movie and we cry as they go through their movie dramas. We are suffering, but not suffering. Because we went to the movie in order to suffer that way, we feel great as we feel terrible for the movie characters. It is possible that there is a part of us that is completely liberated and moved but unmoved by the suffering in our own lives. That is how we can be free from suffering even as we suffer. That is a way to imagine being free, even as we suffer.

Being liberated from liberation is freely accepting our suffering. That way, when we suffer, we don’t even need to be anywhere else but in the midst of our suffering. There is no separation between suffering and not suffering. We are free from the idea that there may be some other way to be.

Being liberated by liberation is how the entity of liberation, entices us to find it. It is there calling to us, encouraging us, as we move in and out of suffering. Finding liberation causes us to seek it. It’s backwards, but that’s how it works. Liberation liberates us, the liberated, liberating, liberators. Find and ye shall seek. Ha.


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