Life and Death

Life is best appreciated in it’s relation to death. Like most unpleasant thoughts, we tend to think about death as little as possible. When we ignore death, we lose focus in life. We completely ignore the inarguable fact that we and everybody we love and hate will someday die. Because we ignore this most basic fact of life, we struggle. We worry about what we will wear. We worry about what we have. We worry about how we will find love. We worry about ourselves in every detail of our lives. The fact that we are alive and able to experience the wonder of the world, for a limited time only, is lost on us.  If we were able to truly realize our death in our hearts, heads, and bones, our lives would change.

Everybody knows that they will someday die, and that thought can be absolutely frightening. If the thought of death is not frightening, then we are not really thinking about death. We find lots of little things to fear. We are afraid of looking silly to our friends. How can we not fear death?

When you truly examine your death, you will find joy in life. If you consider death and it doesn’t lead you to a deep appreciation of life, then you haven’t really considered death. You are only thinking about life.  Thinking of death, with no romanticism will be frightening. It can also be enlightening.


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