Living With Your Ego

Until your ego blinks out of existence and you float happily through life, it is helpful to learn to live with your ego. Living with your ego is the main chore of life. Sometimes it is a chore, sometimes it is a delight. How you feel about your ego goes up and down with your circumstances. How you feel about your ego has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself, especially if you confuse your Self with your ego.

Your Self, unlike your ego, is oblivious to circumstance. Happy, sad, angry, scared, your Self is just fine. Your ego really wants to be happy. The other circumstances are difficult for the ego. That is why those difficult circumstances are good opportunities to connect with your Self and observe your ego in action. If you are angry and caught up in ego, you will just be mad. If you are angry and connected with your Self you will see what mad looks like. You will see the edges of angry and see how angry is all mixed up in ego. Then you can practice living with your ego and with your anger.

Unlike living with other people, you have no choice but to live with your ego. You can’t leave. All you can do is practice recognizing your ego. Watch how your ego goes up and down with daily events. Watch what make your ego happy, watch what makes it sad. Know that through it all your watchful Self is wise, loving and kind. When you become comfortable living with your ego, it will stop causing you any problems. If it blinks out of existence, you’ll still be wise, loving and kind. You won’t miss it.


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