Look Again

Everything can be fine if you can look at it from a new perspective. Finding that new perspective is the challenge. To find a new perspective, first you need to throw out your current perspective. Throwing out your perspective does not mean ignoring what you observe in your circumstances, it only means changing how you react to the facts. If you stub your toe on a rock, then your toe will hurt. If your perspective uses the fact of your hurt toe to confirm that you are clumsy, or to become angry because somebody put a rock where a rock shouldn’t be, then your perspective is causing you additional pain and making the situation worse. When you notice that happening, you need to throw out that perspective and look again.

In order to throw out the perspective, it helps to recognize that the perspective is wrong. If you feel excessive anguish, worry, anger, fear, or anxiety then you can assume that your perspective is wrong. You are looking at things in a way that makes them seem less than fine. If you know that above or beneath it all things are fine, then you can ask yourself, how is this fine? An answer will always come to you.

Recognizing that things are fine, does not mean that you always have to be happy about how they are. You can be sad and fine, angry and fine, scared and fine, or worried and fine. You can even be terminally ill and fine from a certain perspective. If you cannot see that things are fine, or imagine that they could be fine, then you need to take a breath, clear your mind and look again. You’ll be fine.


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