Look and See

The difference between looking and seeing is slight and large, sight and urge. When you look you see. You cannot see without looking and you cannot look without seeing. That changes when you add an object.  If you are looking for something, you can look for your whole life without seeing it.  If you are looking for nothing, you see everything.

What is the point of all this looking and seeing? What are you looking for? What are you seeing? What are you? What is looking? What is seeing? Is it your eyes that are seeing and your brain that is looking? Is it your eyes that are looking and your brain that is seeing?

These are all ridiculous questions, because we all know what looking and seeing are. We all know what we are. Yet we don’t know. We think we know. To see what we know and don’t know, we must look at ourselves. When we look at ourselves, it is incredible what we see.

If you look for your true nature, what you see is your true nature. Look and see.


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