Lovesickness is grasping too hard at love.  Love is not a magic elixir that will make everything alright. Even if you found that perfect somebody who gets you, and digs you, and loves you, you would still suffer. You would just move onto the next reason.  If you suffer because a specific somebody is not in love with you, or doesn’t love you in the right way, is that love?.  Lovesickness, to me, is when you are  infatuated with somebody and you allow your moods to flop wildly in the breeze based on where that person’s attention falls.  That is sickness, clearly, but not love.

Love is more gentle. It may be buried deep at the bottom of that infatuation, but that is not exactly love for that person.  It is love of people, love of yourself, an idea of love.

If you put a lot of pressure on love, it will elude you. Love is happening all the time between everybody.  It is probably a better explanation for the foundation of life than for an emotional connection between two people.  If you base your self worth or happiness on whether or not somebody loves you, you’re doomed to forever checking in, wondering how loved you are. When you base your self worth in your basic foundation, the love you are, you don’t have to wonder if it is still there or not.

You are love.  I am love. Love does us, we don’t just love each other.  Love can cure you. A person awakens love in you when s/he shows you how to access the love at the base of existence, not just by holding your hand. Holding hands is nice though.


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