Minding Your Weight

If you look to your scale for affirmation, you can use that moment to become mindful. The number on the scale represents both your body’s and your mind’s relation to gravity. If your weight makes you feel bad, be mindful of feeling bad and remind yourself that you are not what you think. Use that moment, to see your thought, breathe deeply and be the universe. The universe as big as it is, weighs nothing. Use the numbers on your scale to remind you that you are perfect.

Once you get good at reminding yourself that you are perfect whenever you step on a scale, then you can expand your practice and remind yourself that you are perfect whenever you see a number anywhere. If you see a number on a speed limit sign, or a house number, or a clock, that is a good time to be mindful and remind yourself you are perfect.

When you wake up in the morning start working on waking up. No matter what your body weighs, your mind is light.


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