Money Laundering

We have now been in our new home and life situation for a week and a day. The farm is a mercifully small operation at this time. There are two fields that are in use. One is a pumpkin patch and the other is growing our heritage pole lima beans, green peppers, tomatoes and eggplant (mostly tomatoes). There are also blackberries for people to pick.

Each morning I go to the fields for a couple of hours of work with my uncle, who has been farming here for the past 12 years since my father died. The tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are ready for light picking, which is perfect for the few people who make their way back here to pick.  The stand has an old sign that my grandfather painted, inviting people to serve themselves. There are also detailed instructions on how to pick and pay. We are still busy unpacking boxes and dealing with utility companies, so the farm business mostly runs itself. It is not making any significant profit, yet it significantly profits those who come. We are selling good karma vegetables. The payment system is an honor system, which gives people good vibes as they participate in being honest. Each customer gets an adventure and has direct access to a peaceful experience. Because, in this country, we are capitalists, we use money as a rite of passage. When people have a good experience, they feel grateful. The few dollars that they pay for vegetables is given with a sense of generosity. If they are mindful of the experience or not their souls are cleansed through their experience of gratitude, honor, and generosity.

The primary worker on this farm is a man who volunteers his time just for the love of helping out. He grows tomatoes in his own garden, although eating raw tomatoes makes him puke. He gives away most of what he grows. Our volunteer demonstrates generosity and kindness every day. He fills our fields with good karma. As people brave our rustic conditions and give a few dollars for the fruits of our combined labors, they are buying good Karma. Priceless. They also get some of the best tomatoes available on the planet. Bonus.


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