Morning News

I have often wished that the morning newspaper wasn’t so negative.  Death, suffering, and injustices are news.  If I want to be aware of these things I read the newspaper. It is a morning ritual.  It is a comforting activity.  It is a responsible adult thing to do. It may not be good for me. The content may be toxic.

When I come to tumblr for my morning news, I get news that seems more relevant.  It is important to love.  I should be nice to people. I should remain focused on my task of awakening. I should help others. This becomes the newspaper that I wanted.  Who would have imagined such a thing?

Some thinking tells me that I imagined it into existence.  That is only true if I think of myself as the big I, I mean the universe.  The little me never imagined this, I just stumbled upon it.

It is a lot of pressure to think that I need to imagine the world I want into existence, my little imagination gets stuck on what is possible, what I think, what I know. I can imagine an awakening that is sort of like winning the lottery, where I reach a certain mental state and then I am no longer prone to worries and pain.  What I get is lots of little reminders, flashes of beauty mixed with claps of pain.  The awakening goes on and on.

Each morning I wake up and look to the news. I look for the new. What I see is what I imagine.


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