Mindfulness is focusing our attention on what we are doing when we are doing it. Multitasking is trying to do several things at once, dividing our attention between the various activities. We take pride in our incredible abilities to multitask. We have so much to do that it seems helpful to our lives to try to get two or three things done at once. We can do our homework and listen to music. We can cook a meal and watch a television show. We can text and rear end someone while driving. We can sing in the shower while our coffee brews and muffins bake. We can multitask and be mindful.

It is impossible not to multitask. When we sit in meditation and focus on focusing our attention, we are sitting, breathing, minding our posture, seeing, hearing, and thinking, thinking, thinking. While we do that on the surface, our bodies are busy digesting, pumping blood, growing hair, fighting diseases, growing synapses, and all those billions of things that we do to maintain life. Those two or three things we try to do on the surface don’t amount to much in terms of multitasking.

Doing those extra things with our conscious minds can interact with the unconscious workings of our bodies. What we think influences what chemicals our bodies make and where we direct our energy. Then our energy and chemicals influence what we think. We can think our way into suffering and we can think our way into peace and harmony.

When we are mindful, consciously multitasking, in meditation and/or in the shower, we can see how our thoughts are interacting with our feelings. When we remain mindful that our main task is to create peace and harmony, that is what we will create, then we can multitask the rest of our lives. OMG, I’m about to rear end somebody, LOL.


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