New Ego Territory

As a new blogger, I enjoy the experience.  When I enter into new territory, I get to experience the joys of beginners mind. My initial expectations were immediately discarded as I entered the flow of the dashboard. I found interesting people to follow, who send lots of positive and inspiring messages. I’m sure these messages keep me focused on what is important in life. It was all so lovely. Then my ego arrived.

I would write things, people would like them, perhaps reblog them and maybe even follow me, and how I liked that. Suddenly, I have a whole new set of criteria by which to measure myself. Crafty little ego.

The beauty of beginners mind is that I can clearly see my clumsy ego out looking for strokes where none were to be found before.  I’m on to you, you little corn worm. I love you too. You’re a lot like me. 


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