No-Self Esteem

If you suffer from low self esteem, it could be a liberating leap to no-self esteem.  With low self esteem, you think that there is nothing special about you.  Worse, you may think that you have horrible flaws, or you may actively dislike yourself. This is a self destructive mindset that only builds on your idea of self.  Those ideas need to change.  You should take the step from low self esteem to no-self esteem.

No self esteem would be not thinking well of yourself at all.  No-self esteem recognizes that your existence is sacred, but that it is not all about you.  The idea of no self is not that you don’t exist. It’s that you are not separate from everything else in the world. Your non-self is continuous with the universe.  You nourish your body with the air and the fruit of the Earth. You were born from your mother, who was born from her mother, all the way back to the beginning of mothers. You are a miraculous process interacting with light, sound, textures, and temperatures. Your internal world is as vast as the external universe. On top of all that, you have awareness and intelligence.

When you think of your no-self, its hard not to be impressed with yourself. If you think that you could be better, you are wrong. You could be kinder and learn to think nicely about yourself. You are currently performing the miracle of turning light waves into thoughts in your head. You are indeed special. The self that you usually think about is the tip of the iceberg. Your no-self is the iceberg and the ocean. Gorgeous.


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