Oceans of Notions

All of the ideas we have about reaching enlightenment work against us once we decide to tread the path and start meditating.  The idea of ego as a separate entity that causes us problems is an idea.  The idea that we are one with the universe is an idea. The ideas that desire, ignorance and anger cause us pain are all ideas.  These are good ideas. These ideas are meant to dislodge all of the other ideas that we cling to in our delusion.

We are filled with ideas about how things are.  Many of these ideas are wrong and cause us pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is a product of the mind, and can be addressed with the mind.  In order to figure out which ideas are causing us the most pain, we have to use other ideas to root them out.

Meditation is the practice of engaging awareness to raise doubt about ideas. The unexamined notions we base our reality on are too numerous to contemplate. The beauty of meditation is that when you sit, and focus your attention and experience your present experience.  This experience is what you can trust.  Ideas you can doubt. When you build your capacity for doubt you will be able to identify and uproot the ideas about yourself that make you suffer. When you get beyond thinking and experience your True Self, your former notions will give way to oceans of light and love.


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