One Thing or Another

If it isn’t one thing, its another. That is our suffering in a nutshell. We are all One Thing and we think we are another. When we make an other form what is one, we suddenly stand apart from the world. We have lots of little pieces. There is me and you and we each have a mind and a body, and a self and a soul.

In order to make ourselves seem more like one again, we start to collect things from the world around us. This is me, that is mine. We constantly add to ourselves and become a jigsaw puzzle of our minds, bodies, friends, families, our pasts, our prospects and our possessions.  We measure ourselves against each other and, depending on how we measure, we feel good or bad about the results. We become so confused by our separateness, that the idea that we are all part of One Thing is hard to imagine.

When we see one another more as one than other, then we can let go of all the little pieces that we have come to think of as ourselves and just be our Self. When we practice being our big Self, our little problems have nothing to hang onto.


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