Past Lives

One merciful thing about this universe is that we are reborn every instant. What I was yesterday, I must recreate today. Yesterday is my past life. It’s natural to just follow along in the grooves of our lives, but sometimes that is the hardest thing to do.  Grooves and ruts are about the same, but a world of difference.

Leaving a rut is hard, because the people around us expect us to stay in that rut.  They expect us to be what they expect is us.  If they see us leaving our rut, they become distressed. We also become distressed. To save all of that distress we remain in our rut.

In each moment, we take action and we create ourselves.  If our actions come from love and compassion, and our motivation is to create harmony, then we will lift from our rut.  If we see something wonderful, we give thanks.  If we make a mistake, we say sorry.  Our past lives flow behind us like a petals in the breeze.


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