Peace First

A simple rule of practice is to put peace first. When you begin to put peace first, you notice all of the things that disturb your peace. That is a beginning. Noticing when you are not at peace is a good practice as you seek peace. As you continually notice the things that disturb your peace, you will soon notice times when nothing is disturbing your peace. Then you are at peace. Putting awareness of peace as a priority in your life will eventually lead you to peace.

Peace in not only the absence of annoyances. Peace is a state of mind that allows for anything to happen. When you begin practicing putting peace first, lots of things will disturb your peace and you will become angry. Getting angry, upset, or sad is not a failure in finding peace, those emotions remind you to look for peace. You may even be angry that you are angry rather than at peace. That is good practice. That shows that you expect peace and it is a priority.

Peace is not a delicate state that can be disturbed by little or big events. Peace is durable and unshakable. Those things that bother you may disturb your sense of peace, but the peace is still there, trying to show itself to anyone who looks. When you practice looking for peace and seeing it in all situations, you will get a good sense of it. Situations may still annoy you and upset you, but, rather than disturb your peace, those emotions will blow by like so much wind. The peace will remain.

When you put peace first, it will help you find, feel, and spread peace. In your interactions with people, rather than feeling threatened, you will naturally feel compassion toward people who have more difficulty finding peace. As you focus on peace, you will find creative ways to demonstrate it through acts of kindness. Some people are resistant to peace, but whenever anybody is able to feel peace they appreciate it. Just like that.



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