Poor Ego

The ego is such a great scapegoat for our problems.  It deserves it. The ego identifies with that perfect person we wish we were, not the perfect person that we are. That difference is huge. As we try to be the perfect person we think we are not, we end up doing all kinds of  gymnastics to hide our true feelings. We lie, we cheat, we blame, we hit, we insult, all because we want others to recognize how perfect we are.

Without our ego, we would actually recognize that we are perfect as we are.  If we love somebody, we tell them.  If we hurt, we cry.  If we don’t know the answer, we say “I don’t know”.  If we get hungry we eat.  If we get tired we sleep. When we understand that we are perfect, it doesn’t matter how we appear.

The ego doesn’t understand we are perfect. That is why the ego prods us to make ourselves appear better than we are. The ego is not evil, it is trying to help. It is ignorant. It helps badly. Poor ignorant ego.  Poor us.


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