Buddhism is refreshing because it talks about suffering. Suffering is important to talk about, because if we don’t talk about it, we just suffer silently. Sometimes, when we suffer silently, we don’t even realize we are suffering. We know we feel bad, but we expect ourselves to feel good, so we can’t acknowledge our negative feelings.

If we are silently suffering, unaware that we are suffering and Buddha comes along and tells us that he notices our suffering, we are instantly refreshed. Our awareness is suddenly in tune with our feeling. That is refreshing. Another refreshing thing Buddha tells us is that everybody suffers. Suddenly we are not suffering alone. We are not deviant because we suffer. We are human in our suffering.

As soon as we realize that we and everybody else suffers, then we can work with our suffering to find a way out. That is the most refreshing thing the Buddha tells us, that there is a way out of suffering. Buddhism begins with the idea that suffering is a part of our experience, that it has a cause and a cure. Recognizing suffering is the first step on the path. There are many opportunities for refreshment along the way.


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