It’s amazing that we forget that life is basically joyful. Anytime you see a child, you can see them looking for the next experience of joy. They know it’s there.  Usually, if they’re screaming, it means that they think they know where joy can be had and, for some reason, they are not allowed to have it. That was our introduction to the world. As we grew up learning how to be responsible and taking on responsibilities, we forgot how to find joy. We forgot that joy can be found at the base of any experience.

As we get older, we forget things and need reminding. Mindfulness is an all purpose reminder. If you want to be reminded that joy is at the root of experience, practice mindfulness.  Mindfulness is being present.  It is listening to sounds, to music.  Mindfulness is feeling your breath go in and out. Mindfulness is feeling the ground beneath your feet. Although that present experience is not always filled with happiness, or delight, feeling a present and pleasant sensation can remind you that joy is basic to experience.

If you have forgotten that joy is available to you, then you should create regular reminders for yourself. You are presently experiencing a touch of joy. That’s life, but in another moment you might forget.


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