Scary Safe

Fear can be fun.  People love riding roller coasters and seeing horror movies.  We love to be scared when it’s safe. Being scared in real life is not as enjoyable.  It is the same fear, but in movies and on roller coasters you know deep down that you are safe.  That deep down feeling of security that allows you to scare yourself safely is also available in your regular life.

In order to live with your fear it is important to recognize that in the same way you are safe watching a horror movie, like you are safe on a roller coaster, you are safe from your emotions. You are safe from your fear.  Fear is to be felt. It is important to feel it. If we are confronted with a bear, we want to use that fear to help us run to safety. Each of our emotions tells us something. As we listen to our emotions, we will know the right thing to do.

From before our births until after our deaths we are indestructible. During our lives it does not feel that way. Understanding your true nature will help you feel secure in your insecurity. You will be scary safe.


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