Seeds of Being

Seeds are the most amazing things on the planet, or in the universe.  With a small package of seeds we can grow a garden and feed a family. If you like the big bang theory, the entire universe grew from a seed.  A seed is a seed.  When it finds the right conditions it becomes whatever it is meant to become.

The same works with your intentions.  If you want something in your life, you have the seed of attaining it in you.  You nurture that seed with your awareness.  If you want to attain enlightenment, you nourish the seed of enlightenment within you.  You will find a teacher, you will hone your practice and you will become enlightened.

If you want better physical or emotional health, you nourish those seeds within yourself. If you want better love, you have many experiences of love in your life, nourish those seeds. Seeds grow.  That’s what they do.  In your life you are nourishing seeds all the time.  Sometimes weeds grow and sometimes vegetables. If you remain aware of what you want to grow, your garden will flourish. You will be what you nourish in yourself.


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