Self Confidence

Zen can help you develop all kinds of  self confidence.  When you are not feeling confident, you are too worried about yourself.  You are worried that you might fail, that failing might make you look bad, or that you may not be good enough in the first place. With Zen, you throw all that out the window.  Start from a belief that you are something totally separate from success and failure. You are not anything less because of your failures and not anything more because of your success. Likes and dislikes don’t even reflect on you. Understanding that your Self cannot be measured gives you freedom to be yourself.

Any experience can be frightening, but knowing that you can handle every situation gives you the confidence to go on.  Trying to protect the Self from setbacks is pointless. Only your ego can be hurt. Your Self is impervious to ego bruises. Each time the Self observes an ego inflation or deflation it gains perspective on the ego and remains perfect.


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