Shift Happens

It is a very small shift in outlook that moves you from thinking that your life is not manageable to believing that it is manageable. That tiny little shift can have a huge impact on your life. When you decide that life is manageable, that suddenly makes you completely competent to handle any situation. It puts you in a position to deal with all of your emotions. It helps you plow through your fears with your actions. Making that shift frees you to experience your life.

Once you make the shift, it may take some time to test your new idea. It is like walking out onto a frozen lake in the winter.  At first you step carefully to see if the ice will hold you. When you see that the ice is solid, you can skate to your heart’s content. To carefully test your idea, recognize whenever you feel anxious or worried and ask yourself what it is that you think you can’t handle. Then remind yourself that you can handle anything and move forward.

When you realize that success and failure, gain and loss are all experiences for your enrichment, you are free to act in the moment. The moment will amaze you.


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