Short Memories

We are alternately blessed and cursed with short memories. If we are feeling good, we are blessed that we have forgotten, for the moment, all that is wrong in the world. If we are feeling bad, we are cursed because we have forgotten all the love we have experienced and what means the most to us. Because of these wonderful and awful short memories of ours, we need constant reminders that we are good and fine.

The circumstances of our lives are always changing, which, along with our short memories, adds to our confusion. We come to think that our goodness is connected to our circumstances rather than a basic state of being. So when our circumstances change, or some new information comes to our awareness, we forget that we are basically good and think that, given the new circumstance and information, we might be worthless after all. Then we experience a bit of wonder and we remember how amazing we are.

To live with these short memories and changing circumstances, we only have to pay attention to what is going on around us and within us. These worlds are full of reminders that we are good, worthy and wonderful, even with these short memories.


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