Sit and See

If you suffer from anxiety or depression and you do not meditate, then you should try it.  If you start with five minutes any time of day, you will break the ice. Find a quiet comfortable spot. Set a timer for five minutes and sit. Focus on your breathing and watch your thoughts, don’t judge your thoughts, just see how they distract you from paying attention to your breathing then go back to your breathing.

If you try meditating for five minutes a day for a week, you will soon want to go longer.  If you can work your way up to 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, you will notice a lot about your mind. You will see that the peace that you experience in those 20 minute sessions will find you at other quiet moments throughout the day. Your anxiety and depression may not just disappear, but you will get a break. You will start to have insights into your life that help dislodge stagnant moods.

Meditating in the morning and evening will give you perspective on how your mood changes throughout the day. You will find two different experiences at those two times. You will see moods come and go, and you will see peace is available. Sit and see.


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