Skin Deep

Our skin is the interface between our internal and external worlds.  It is where we end and not we begins…or so we think.  It’s quite natural to think this, but this is considered ignorance in Buddhism.

That we are not our bodies is a hard concept to grasp.  We certainly identify with our bodies and with our skin.  It’s easy to see that we are not our skin. We are more than that. Yet wars have been fought, and are still fought, where sides are chosen based on the color of people’s skin. The amount of pigmentation in skin can be the difference between getting a job or not, getting arrested or not, getting a smile or not. We certainly put a lot of stock in our skin. We know though, that we are not our skin.

We are everything that is inside of our skin. We are our hearts, our brains, our DNA, that half digested piece of spinach in our belly, the air in our lungs.  Well, really, we are not spinach or air. Those are just things from the Earth that sustain us. Those are just things we borrow from the environment and incorporate into our bodies for a while. They are not us.

We are pure light. We are energy. We are vibrations. We are far out ideas, thoughts. What about our skin? Aren’t we pure light energy vibrating into the shape and color of our skin? If we were energy, why would we stop at our skin? We wouldn’t. We would be the entire universe. It certainly feels more like we are individuals contained within our skin.  That is why we suffer from ignorance.

We have a whole universe inside our skin, then another whole universe outside our skin. Both of these universes include our skin, and they are the same universe.

You’re so pretty.


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