Stepping Stones

Practicing meditation is like placing stepping stones in streams.  The water is always flowing. Sometimes it is a creek, a trickle through a rocky bed, which is easy to traverse.  Sometimes it is a stream that presents some challenges. Other times it is a river that seems intimidating or impossible to cross without getting soaked. Spending days, weeks and years sloshing through the waters can become tiresome. Having an always available supply of stepping stones can bring great comfort to your journey.

We tend to pass time looking forward to some activities and dreading others. We worry about what we have to do, what we should do, and make compromises so that we can also do what we want to do. Sitting meditation could become another activity that falls into those categories. However, when you just sit, the categories disappear. The water continues to flow, and you observe its passing.

When you place stepping stones regularly through your life, even the most turbulent river becomes manageable. With consistent practice, the stepping stones become a bridge. After that, you just walk on water.


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