Stress, Stories and Scrambled Eggs

Dealing with stress can be something like dealing with eggs. Every stressor comes with a story. The stress and the story are like the whites and yolk of an egg. If you are feeling stressed and focusing on the story, it is like making scrambled eggs. The whites and yolks get all mixed up together. You feel that your stress is the only possible response to your situation.

If you want to manage your stress you have to separate your egg. Separating a raw egg is fun. You crack the shell and, while you hold the yolk in half of the shell, you let the whites spill out into the bowl. Then you pass the yolk back and forth between the shell halves and let the remaining whites fall away.

You can isolate your stress from your stories by paying attention to the sensations of the stress as you notice your thoughts. Pass the feeling of stress around in your mind and let the story fall away from the feeling. When you have isolated the stress, you are able to approach your story or situation with calmness and clarity.


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