One of ego’s greatest fears is being duped. Nobody wants to be a sucker.  In order to guard against being a sucker, we have to make sure we don’t believe anything. We have to be extra careful when we act on our beliefs. When we act on a belief that leads to a terrible result, we have made a poor choice. Poor choices are characteristic of suckers.

We are certainly not suckers just because we make mistakes. Mistakes happen all the time. We are suckers when somebody fools us. When somebody intentionally leads us down the wrong path and we faithfully follow, we become suckers. From a moral perspective it is far better to be a sucker than a scam artist, but still, nobody wants to be a sucker.

Unfortunately, society systematically makes suckers of us all. We have created a collective belief that includes the idea that if we take a wrong step, or trust the wrong person we may become a sucker. We think it is safer to trust nobody than to run the risk of trusting the wrong person. That lack of trust makes it difficult to trust ourselves as we try to figure out who we can and can’t trust. Its much better to get suckered out of a few dollars or into eating something gross, than to get suckered out of our trust in ourselves.

The only way to avoid being a sucker is to ditch our ego. When we trust ourselves and have confidence in who we are, nothing can make us a sucker. If somebody takes advantage of us, we become a victim and we learn not to trust that person. There is no shame in that. It is only a shame if our fear of appearing to be a sucker interferes with our discovery of what we really are.

Because we live in a world where people lie and cheat and steal and excuse immoral behavior as a necessity of survival, it is important to try our best not to take advantage of others. It is important to help each other and to respond with compassion when somebody offends us. If there were a sucker born every minute, we have a lot of people we need to help. We can’t waste any energy worrying that we may be one of them.


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