Suddenly Happy

If you have been sad for a while, it may be strange for you to feel suddenly happy. We get used to our moods and people get used to us being in our moods.  If you have suffered through depression and you begin smiling spontaneously, your friends and family may not recognize you. They may have become comfortable with your dour mood.

Happiness may feel foreign in your body. You may not recognize yourself. Please don’t worry about being happy.  When you get used to being happy again, you don’t need to grab on to it.  You won’t lose it. When you are feeling happy, remember your sadness. There is no need to fear your sadness anymore because you’ve seen it come and go. It hasn’t diminished you in the slightest.

Everything changes. Your True Self is impervious to your moods. Don’t run from your pain or hold tight to your pleasure. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly happy.


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