Ten Wonderful Things

It takes faith to believe that the universe is wonderful when it feels otherwise. If things feel like they are terrible and that they will never get better, you need to take a leap of faith to get through the day. When you have faith that life can be wonderful, you can use logic to reinforce your faith.  Without taxing your imagination, you can think of ten wonderful things about life. If you are willing to tax your imagination a little, you can think of 100 or 1,000.

If you have trouble thinking of wonderful things, you can think about your senses. You can think of ten wonderful smells, ten wonderful sights, ten wonderful feelings, ten wonderful tastes. You can probably think of ten wonderful people, ten wonderful books, ten wonderful songs. If you try, you can probably recall ten wonderful memories. You can even look around where you are sitting and see ten beautiful objects. If you take a break from thinking about all the wonderful things around you, you can take ten wonderful breaths.

When you actively think about all the wonderful things that make up your daily experience, it is amazing that you can fall into depression at all. The world is full of light and love and death and darkness. When you find yourself immersed in darkness, you must have faith that the light is there. The fact that ten wonderful things are within your reach at any time can help to reinforce your faith.


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