The Antidote

Here, drink this. With one sip, the world will open up to you anew. The problems you have been carrying will crumble. The pain you have been feeling will vanish and an intense pleasure will fill the void. Any inkling of isolation you have felt will melt away and you will feel tremendous love lifting your spirit.

This antidote is 100% natural ingredients. It may cause you to lose your ambition, but you won’t have to abandon your goals. Your goals may change. You may become obsessed with distributing the antidote. You may want to help others see what you see, feel what you feel, to understand that they are as connected as you. Although this antidote is specifically for you, once you have consumed it, you will recognize that it is available to everyone.

This? This is water. Delicious. The antidote is already in you.


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