The More Terrific Reality

It is fun to fantasize about a better reality.  That is an important part of our lives.  Most of our fantasies take place in the easily imaginable near future. We may fantasize about how life would be if a certain person loved us better.  We may imagine how it will be when we get a new toy or a bit of cash. We can fantasize about how happy we’ll be when we are three or thirty pounds lighter or heavier. We may look forward to lunch hour or happy hour. We may even look forward to total and complete, perfect enlightenment.  Whatever.

Fantasizing about other, more terrific realities is a wonderful feature of this reality. It is how we move between realities. It is how we try on our options. It is what we do.

The Buddhist idea of ignorance, where we exist in this wonderful reality that we cannot perceive is tantalizing. How do we get rid of ignorance? We get curious.  Why can’t I see this reality if it is all around me? Is there really another reality? What is time? What is love? What is self? What is ego? What am I?

If we take it on faith that we are being gently and compassionately carried and caressed by this other reality, and that we will eventually recognize it, that belief can ease the sting of our regular lives. I know it’s all in my head, but my head hurts! OW! Wow! om…


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