The Path of Peace

There are a million paths to peace. Peace is everywhere. You’re standing on it, sitting in it or lying under it. You may be walking through it, or running by it. It may enter you through your eyes, nose, mouth, ears or skin. It can spread from you through your breath, thoughts, words and actions. If you are not at peace, then you are on a path toward peace.  

There is inner peace and outer peace. Inner peace is feeling fine about how things are. Outer peace is getting along with the people around you and being in harmony with your environment. Inner peace inspires outer peace, which inspires inner peace. Noticing peace and valuing peace is the path to peace. Noticing unrest, anger, violence, needs, desires, and pain in yourself and others is also the path to peace.

If you get tired and frustrated on the path to peace, just stop, rest, look, listen, and breathe. You are there. It’s not really your path. It is the path of peace and you’re on it.


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