The Power of Observation

To create change in your life and in the world, the first thing to do is to observe where you are.  Merely by observing something, you change that thing. That is not so obvious with something like a table, or a star in the sky, but in your life, it is easy to observe.

Observe your breath. Watch your inhale and exhale. Try not to affect your breath as you observe it. Try to watch it without changing it. Impossible. The same is true of your thoughts.  If you consciously observe your own thinking, your thinking will change.  Try not to control your thinking, or judge your thinking, just observe your thoughts and see how their patterns change.

It is difficult to observe your thoughts without judging them.  Most thoughts are followed by a judgement, good, bad, true, false, strange.  These judgements are also thoughts to be observed.  As you observe your thoughts, you will notice habits and patterns in your thinking. Because you observe them, those patterns will change.

It is impossible to observe without interfering. If you try to observe things without interfering, you will notice things fall into harmony. See for yourself.


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