The Quick Fix

Wouldn’t it be great you could just read something and suddenly feel better? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could show those words to a friend and they would feel better too? Wouldn’t it be amazing if everybody who saw those words suddenly felt great and were able to sustain that great feeling? That would be great. That is the quick fix.

Although there is a quick fix, it takes a long time to actualize.  The first rule in fixing is recognizing that something is broken.  If something is broken then fix it. The quick fix that we all want is sitting there right beyond our thoughts.  Words, unfortunately, are thoughts, so they don’t impart the quick fix.  Reason will not figure out the quick fix. If reason led to understanding, then a sentence from the Buddha would wake us all up.

The quick fix is a leap of faith followed by focused practice.  The leap of faith is believing that life is wonderful even though it doesn’t feel that way, believing that awakening is possible. The focused practice is unwavering attention to the present. To get beyond thoughts you have to go through thoughts. After months or years of practice, the quick fix may just occur to you. Fortunately, with faith and practice, you will feel much better, long before the quick fix.


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