The You-Nee-Verse

You are the universe. If you want to explore the universe look inside your mind. If you are happy, the universe is happy.  If you are angry, you are living in an angry world. When you find peace, the universe is at peace.  So what if you’re the universe? How does that help you deal with being you?  The universe is huge and appears unmanageable, but you are tiny and you have some control over you. When you manage to control you, you control the universe.

As the puppet master of the universe, the strings you hold are your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Your hands are your awareness.  Just like your awareness manipulates your hands in your body, making your fingers type the letters on your keyboard, your awareness can manipulate your emotional reactions.  Emotions are made up of thoughts.  When you pay attention to your emotions and get comfortable existing in any emotional state, you will have a better view of the thoughts feeding your emotions.

Every emotion has a string of thought leading to it. That thought string leads directly back to the source, which is you, which is the universe. Very close to the source and your Self, is your ego. The ego likes to hold the reins. The ego, though doesn’t see the strings going back to the self and often doesn’t see the strings leading from the thoughts to the emotions. When the ego is in charge,  the strings get tangled.

When you become aware of your ego, aware your thoughts, aware of emotions and aware of your actions you can bring peace to yourself. When you are at peace, you bring peace to the universe.


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