Thinking of You

It is so nice to hear that somebody is thinking of you.  If it is you thinking of you, then you’re likely to have some problems. When you spend a lot of time thinking about yourself, you are bound to start judging yourself. You are bound to find flaws in yourself. You are bound to criticize yourself. If you are feeling sad, you may pity yourself.  If you are really sad, you may worry that there is something seriously wrong with yourself. This is why thinking of yourself can be trouble. Zen offers two solutions to this problem.  No Self and no thinking.

No Self means that you are not separate from the rest of the universe.  It is the feeling of being a separate Self that leads to our suffering.  This is the ignorance that Buddhists talk about.  This separation leads to longing, loneliness, and feelings of inadequacy. If you recognize that these feelings come from a mistaken perception, you will not worry so much about yourself.

No thinking is another Zen ideal.  If you can see though your habitual thinking, your constant sorting of experience into good and bad, like and dislike, you will see that your experience is wonderful. No more worries.

If you spend a lot of time thinking about you and you are not enjoying your thoughts, think about other things.  Your Self is not what you think it is, even if you think your Self is wonderful, you are even better than that. You are fine. No Self, no thinking, no worries.


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